Built by Builders for Builders

HomeBuilder Exact

An Automation & Integration Suite of Software that eliminates duplicate data entry while creating streamlined workflows, allowing builders to spend time building.

Built by Builders for Builders.
Modular options for your needs.

HBE Suite of Software Key Features.

Homebuilder Exact delivers efficiency and accuracy due to its unified data architecture in a single central hub. Each application in this Suite of Software, including reporting services, exchanges data through a common hub eliminating data duplication and disconnected departments.

Centralized Data

Transparency and cohesion among multiple business processes is achieved by collecting the operational information in a single database ensuring the KPIs and intra-departmental communications are streamlined.

Modular & Customizable

Do you already have scheduling software or a method to track land from prospect to recording that works for you? Homebuilder Exact is customizable for your company and can accommodate your specific needs.

On Prem or Cloud

This on-premise or cloud-based Suite of Software seamlessly integrates with Acumatica, Sage or various modern accounting platforms. HBE can also be customized to work with your existing system software.

3RD GENERATION - Over 20 years of collaboration

Why choose HomeBuilder Exact?

HomeBuilder Exact was developed over 20 years of daily collaboration between a software company and a luxury homebuilder. This Suite of Software was born out of the lack of customizable builder-first products on the market along with products centered around accounting instead of homebuilding.

This collaboration has led to a platform that maximizes productivity, production and profit. This software integrates multiple departments while eliminating duplicate work and provides immediate access to real time, actionable information.

The Homebuilder Exact Suite of Software is now in its 3rd generation, satisfying the need for a functional, homebuilder-first software. Efficiency is the overarching goal and we believe this product can help other homebuilders streamline their most difficult processes. 

Cost Reduction
Mobile Friendly
Centralized Data
Role based Security
Cost Reduction
Mobile Friendly
Centralized Data
Role based Security

Optimize your business by using integrated portals.

Land Management

  • Land Prospect Management
  • Land Purchasing and Approval
  • Land Development Scheduling 

Home Build

  • Accounting
  • Project Creation
  • Vendor Management
  • Plans Room
  • Community Standard Selections
  • Lot Design Selections
  • Vendor Resources
  • Scheduling
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Internal Home Inspections
  • Customer Management

Home Sale

  • Agent Access to Information
  • PSA Submission
  • Buyer Upgrades
  • Home Close Process
  • Warranty
  • Customer Care

Additional features.

  • Calendar Integration
  • Visual Dashboards
  • SMS / Email Automation
  • Reporting
  • Document Management