About us

Luxury Homebuilder + Software Developer = Builder-First Software

About us

Organically developed over 20 years of collaboration.

Who are we?

Homebuilder Exact was founded by Murray Franklyn Homes, a 57-year-old luxury homebuilder, and Coho Web Consulting, a software development company, who have been collaborating for 20+ years with the goal to create a builder-first suite of software.

- Madison R., Lead Designer

Creating buildings guides used to take days, now I can complete them in hours.

Why us?

Why choose Homebuilder Exact

Efficiency is the overarching goal, HBE helps homebuilders streamline their most difficult processes.

Connected Depts.

HBE connects all departments to develop transparency and cohesion among multiple business processes. All departments have a location to extract and record necessary information.

Centralized Data

Each application in this Suite of Software, including reporting services, exchanges data through a common hub, eliminating data duplication and disconnected departments.


Customizable to your company's specific needs.

Integrated Reporting

By collecting operational information in a single database, the KPIs and intra-departmental communications become part of daily workflow.